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Resume Writting

Your Resume is your first impression on your prospective employer. Before calling you over for an interview an employer would want to know you and your resume serves the purpose. It’s a precise document that tells about you and your professional experience in detail to the employer. Your resume can make you stand out in front of the employer, highlights your strengths and places you on a preferred position among competition.

Your resume’s main aim is to capture the attention of your prospective employer. Quite often students make blunders while creating a resume. Here you will get to know what are the essential elements to be included in your resume, and what are those elements that shouldn’t be there?


  • Starting with a positive tone.
  • Concentrate on what you did instead on what you have to do.
  • Tailor your resume according to the JD of job you are applying for.
  • Be precise. Do not overdo the information.
  • Always use simple and easy to understand language


  • Do not exaggerate the information you are providing.
  • Do not use loud colors of fancy font to make your resume stand out, it won't help!
  • Do not send same resume everywhere. Modify it according to the job's requirement every time before sending.
  • Do not use dull phrases that employers have already heard.
  • Do not expect the employer to read between the lines. Be very clear on what you are trying to say, yourself.

By incorporating the above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts of resume writing you will be able to devise an impressive resume. But creation of an impressive resume asks for inclusion of some other essential elements in it as well. These essential elements are:


Whenever you apply for a job, always remember, your resume should be short and concise. By this I don’t mean that essential information is to be subtracted from it in order to make it short. The information should be provided in a way that it makes it short and to the point. Remember the employer only wants to listen or see what his requirement is; he is not interested in any other thing apart from that.


While you create your resume, never engage yourself in providing fake or incorrect information. It is seen that at times certain fresh graduates who were unable to score good marks in their educational career, provide incorrect information about that. They either change their CGPA to a higher one or show themselves more educated altogether. Remember, an employer will definitely run a back check before offering you the job, and if he finds out about the false information, you are very likely to lose not only a good job but will also bring a very bad name to your reputation in front of several employers who might be in touch with this one.

Flawless formatting 

A good looking resume is the eye candy for a recruiter. Always recheck your resume for formatting errors after its completion. A well formatted should not have margin misbalances, spelling mistake, varied fonts, imbalance headings etc.

The above mentioned resume writing essentials will definitely help you build an impressive resume that will stand out in front of the recruiter and will surely get you an interview call.